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Prolific ( Joseph Wallace II) was born in Fort Riley, Kansas and raised in Fayetteville, NC. His first experience in music began in church where he was a part of the youth choir. In elementary school his musical journey evolved when he began playing the viola in orchestra. “I think being in the orchestra was my foundation to understanding the structure of music.” While Prolific continued to grow with his craft throughout the years, his primary focus was sports. He would go on to earn all conference honors in the sport of football and eventually received a full scholarship to play at Wingate University. In his last year of high school fate he met his wife, Tianna. “I didn’t anticipate being in a relationship going into college but we always loved and respected one another. I knew she was the best person in my life to grow with.” In college Prolific studied Biology for two semesters before switching to Communications and Management. “I always loved biology but communications came a bit more natural for me. I found the things I learned to be extremely applicable in my day to day life.” Around the spring of 2015, Prolific discovered a program called “mixcraft.” He discovered this by way of his friend and teammate “Handz.” “Handz played a big role in inspiring me to start my production career. All i wanted to do was make all his beats for him to rap on.” While mixcraft was the first daw Prolific tried, he would eventually discover a different and more user friendly program called “Fruity Loops.” “I remember trying it at first and not liking it then one day i made myself sit down and make a whole beat. It took me roughly 5-6 hours but after that the inspiration took over.” That inspiration would start the foundation to a relationship with Supernovaaaa who was also his teammate. They began to make songs on a daily basis while balancing school, athletics and family life. In 2017, Prolific graduated college and married Tianna the same summer. Prolific would enter the workforce by way of the solar energy field. “My job was basically installing solar panels on residential houses in an effort to help people save cost on electricity” Prolific maintained himself in this field, learning lots of information and how a business is properly ran. Although this field was new and lucrative it came with its flaws. “The hours were unpredictable at times and it took a substantial amount of time away from my family life and producing.” Prolific would travel with his music gear, eventually making it a common practice to make beats every night. By 2020, Prolific had stopped doing solar and tried to began producing full time. “2020 was pretty rough, I had little to no clients trying to book with me.”This inspired him to change his mentality towards producing and engineering full time. “I stopped worrying about money and focusing on opportunities.” This mentality would eventually lead to a successful year with releasing over 10 executive produced projects, 8 singles and 5 videos. Although music was progressing for Prolific, it still wasn’t a self sustaining business. He lost lots of money traveling and working for free. He would eventually get a part time job at Amazon. “I would work all day on Sunday and Monday.” His schedule would cause him to miss out on sessions that clients would request. This would lead to Prolific becoming a full time producer in February of 2021. Today Prolific is the owner and CEO of Prolific Productions. He is still married and has 4 beautiful children. “When you have a plan or a goal, find a way to achieve it because there is always a way.”